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"To the Truth"
Very honest and sincere.
"To the letter"
Very trustworthy, Yanbixing.
Market economy is economy of rule of law, it is economy of good faith. Integrity is a necessary condition for the long-term survival and development of an enterprise. To practice high standards of professional ethics and business ethics, honest and reliable, responsible corporate image, is undoubtedly a huge intangible assets. Through honest management, to the society and users to provide first-class products and services, we can win into the wider market to enter the "pass", there is a better tomorrow.
Integrity, but also shows that Hengyuan within the organization to create a "honest, harmonious" team atmosphere, dedicated to "integrity" cast a healthy development of the body.
"Only specialization" means that we must highlight and resist the relaxation of the main business, especially in the field of bearing construction, form a professional management system and construction technology, strive for excellence, ensure safety and quality, and offer high professional quality services to customers. Become a bearing construction.

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