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Production and processing method of ball bearing

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Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment, its main function is to support the mechanical rotary body to reduce the friction coefficient during the movement and ensure its rotary precision. Ball bearing is light industrial machinery
One of the most common bearings in the industry, which is to install spherical alloy steel in the middle of the inner steel ring and outer steel ring to reduce the friction and increase the mechanical movement in the process of power transfer by rolling.
The transfer efficiency of force. The following is a brief introduction to the processing method of lower ball bearings.
Machining of bearing rings

1, forging processing is the initial processing of bearing rings, also known as rough processing.

(1) the main role of ring forging is:

A gets the shape similar to the product blank, thereby improving the utilization ratio of metal materials, saving raw materials, reducing the amount of machining and reducing the cost.

B eliminates the internal defects of metal, improves metal structure, makes metal streamline distribution reasonable, and has good metal tightness, thus improving the service life of the bearing.

(2) forging method: generally the induction heating furnace, the press, the reaming machine and the shaping machine are connected with the equipment body to carry out the flow production.

The main functions of annealing ring
 2 are as follows:

The spheroidizing annealing of high carbon chromium bearing steel is to obtain the fine, small, uniform and round carbide particles on the ferrite matrix, and prepare for the cold processing and the final quenching and tempering.

3, turning processing is the semi-finished machining of the bearing ring, or also the molding process.

The main effect of turning 
(1) turning is:

A makes the machined ring exactly the same as the final product.

B provides favorable conditions for subsequent grinding operations.

2) the method of turning:

(a) centralized process method: complete the small batch production of all turning processes on one device.

(b) decentralized process method: mass production of a turning process on one device.

4. Heat treatment is the key process to improve the internal quality of bearings.

The main effect of heat treatment 
(1) is:

A improves the mechanical properties of materials by changing the microstructure of materials through heat treatment.

B improves the internal quality of the bearing (wear resistance, strength and toughness), thereby improving the bearing life.

(2) heat treatment method: high carbon chromium bearing steel heat treatment process includes quenching and low temperature tempering.

5, grinding process is the final processing in bearing ring and roller processing, it is called finished product processing.

The main effect of grinding 
(1) grinding is:

A makes the size accuracy and shape accuracy of the rings meet the design requirements.

B provides qualified rings for bearing assembly.

The method of grinding 
(2) grinding process is usually processed by the method of dispersing process, and the production line can be formed by connecting a number of equipment through the connection of the upper and the blanking devices to improve the production efficiency.
Processing method of bearing ball two and bearing ball

1. embryo: all kinds of ball blanks are produced by various methods.

2. rough grinding: the ball like blanks are placed in the grinding disc with the same concentric ring with the same size and the cross section with the same concentric ring with multiple sizes, and the grinding disc is rotated by the grinding disc.
The lower mill does not move.

3. cleaning: every finishing mill must wash the grinding oil and coarse abrasive residue on the surface of the ball.

4. fine grinding: finish rough grinding of rough into fine mill, add low viscosity super precision grinding oil and fine abrasive to standard size.

5. polishing: the process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding.

Bearing three, bearing assembly

The bearing assembly is the last step in the bearing production process, which has an important influence on the bearing performance. According to different technical requirements, parts (outer ring, inner ring, roller and cage) can be processed by various processes.
It is assembled into various kinds of bearings, including various precision, various clearance and other special requirements.

Above is the processing method of ball bearing. Improving the process of each link can effectively improve the quality of products. The use of special ultra precision grinding oil in machining process can greatly improve workpiece accuracy.
And processing efficiency, and no harm to human body, workpiece, equipment and environment. In practice, customers at home and abroad alike.
Last: before repairing the bearing, the automobile should first check whether the bearing seat hole meets the requirements.
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