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Before repairing the bearing, the car should first check whether the bearing seat hole meets the requirements

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Inspection and Repair of Bearings
1) Inspection and correction of bearing holes in the use of crankshaft bearings damage, mainly wear, fatigue peeling and melting. New bearings must be replaced when the engine is overhauled. Before repairing the bearing, it should be checked first

Whether the bearing hole meets the requirements, the error of roundness and cylindrical degree of the bearing hole is not more than 0.015 mm. The method of inspection and correction is: to clean the bearing seat, install the bearing cover, tighten the fixed bolt according to the required torque or.Nut, the amount of cylinder meter to check the round hole, cylinder than specified, can be in the bearing cover at both ends of the pile welding or cushion adjustment, not allowed to file repair bearing cover.Before repairing the bearing, the car should first check whether the bearing seat hole meets the requirements.The wear method of the bearing is examined as shown in Figure 2-16. The oil of the shaft neck and bearing is cleaned, the plastic wire gap gauge is cut to the same length as the width of the bearing, and then placed on the crank pin to make it fit to the center of the shaft.

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